Thursday, September 17, 2009

Try 5 - Flash Fiction

Shadows and Light
By Kathleen Kimball-Baker

The ‘copter hovered, blades flattening the tall prairie grass.
Jess crouched beside a boulder, blending into the rock’s shadow.

She held tight to the albino fox kit, cooing to it softly.
I won’t let them have you, no matter what.

Jamison shook his head.
“No, Professor King, I did not intentionally leave the lab unlocked.”

Image by Xanthia


To join the fun, write any story you like in 55 words (no more, no less).

Then tell Mr. Knowitall, aka G-Man by leaving a a comment
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Chef Kar said...

Love it ~ good for Jamison. Lucky fox.

My 55 is done and posted here.

Have a great weekend.

Chef Kar

Hootin' Anni said...

Now, this Jamison knew just what was right!!! [as long as he saved the fox before there were mutated tests done on it and then it'll spread throughout the species....oh well, give me a break...I watch too much SciFi me thinks!!]

My 55 is posted...Elvis LIVES! Come join me if you can. And as always, scroll down below my Show n Tell Friday.

You'll find it HERE

clean and crazy said...

what a sweet 55, hope it is only fiction. mine is up too

g-man said...

Well Done Kathleen...
Excellent 55!!
Is there some truth to this?
Thank You so much for visiting, thanks for playing, and have A Kick-Ass Week-End....G

Dr.John said...

Good 55 with the possibility of continuing.

Mine is posted


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The best I've ever heard was:

For Sale. Baby Shoes. Unused.

Brian Miller said...

very cool. i wonder did he really? this is a cool concept, may have to give ita try...