Friday, August 28, 2009

Try 2 - Flash Fiction

By Kathleen Kimball-Baker

The doberman whined as Dixie drove up.

The odor of liver frying inside assaulted her nose.

Only one other person dared cook here,

and he wasn’t welcomed after their parents’ murder.

Her brother had evaded the law for years -- till a bondsman found him wielding a butcher knife

 and grinning. “Next?”

He’d gone missing since.


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Image by Dyana


g-man said...

Hey, now there's an uplifting 55!!
But another excellent job!
Thank you so much for this fine contribution.
Thank you as well for visiting.
Please have a Wonderful Week-End..

Fandango said...

You humans are weird.
But a good 55

Ours is posted

Lydia said...

Very intriguing....

My husband would go wild over this photo. He wants a Doberman so much!