Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Better late than never


Another mouth
to feed, another
bowl to clean?

Maybe that's 
what she thought
when she opened
my gift to her:
a goldfish for her
April 1st birthday

She thanked me,
though not the way
she did when
I delighted her.
She did name him:

Is it a bad thing
or a good thing
to give someone
you love the one
thing that you desire
when you are 12?

I made my
father promise
to bring Fool
in the car when
we moved
a thousand miles
before he joined us

I've tried to
forgive and forget.
But all I can do is 
a toilet flushing,
a swirl of orange
a quick dash to a packed car.

I was fooled.
We all were.

Image by Andrew Pescod


Erin Davis said...

Wonderful. I love this line: Is it a bad thing
or a good thing
to give someone
you love the one
thing that you desire
when you are 12?

david mcmahon said...

Life in a goldfish bowl! Thanks for the visit and the very creative comment.

Stephen Baird said...

love the gold fish. you must be able to shoot a macro shot. i can't do that with my camera.
... and by the way ... seriously, you can tell anyone you want that it's a lovely blog ... but i don't think my boys want to hear the words "lovely blog" again for quite a while. i should get out of the hospital next week from what they did to me last time i won. i guess raising them like the sons of katie elder (see the movie) really backfired when i got older and had a heart instead of a stewed tomato.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Parents never seem to realize that there is a little camera recording everything they do, everything they say, to be played back for them one day when they least expect it..

It's call "making memories" and many parents fail to make a box office smash!

My father did that to me too, only with everything I ever owned. I never played it back for him. I only had bad dreams...

We're all fooled and we're all fools.

SandyCarlson said...

Tough poem! I remember those days.

SandyCarlson said...

Lovely photo. Brings back a memory of kittens from my own childhood!

Anil P said...

I wonder if we could reel time back would we be fooled a different way.

Brian Miller said... sons goldfish died a month or so back...he cried so...would not allow a burial at see in the toilet...we had to bury him out back...