Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skeleton Leaves

November 30, 2005

Leaves pace the sidewalk.
Not may left now--they look nervous.
Rakes have abducted most of them,
big callous hands herding them into
slick black bags.

A few escapees will be flattened
by an early snowfall.
Waterlogged at first,
misshapen clumps of tree detritus
and fading color and brilliance.
They'll cling to each other
till the sun, earnest and angular,
crisps them back,
loosens their sticky grip and
curls their edges into razors
slicing apart the safety of numbers.

Brittle and separate again.
Swirls of wind agitate them,
sending them nowhere
except the edges of sidewalks.
Every so often, random survivors cling
to some one's shoe or blow up
against a furry jacket--one last hope

But some child needs to find
a delicate leaf skeleton
when spring returns,
and wonder.

Picasa photo by WallMeadows


Stephen Baird said...

love your leaves! this is great and the blog title photo is fantastic. this stuff is often ignored. i love to discover simple things that can have that kind of impact. good show.

Sister Jan said...

Hi Kathleen,
I finally figured out how to get in to respond to a comment. Think I'm not feeling pretty proud of myself? Thank you for your comment to me. Your site is very lovely. I loved the leaves, too. Hope you are well. Jan